Online Database

The NMSU Arthropod Museum is a member of the Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN), a collaborative network of museums in North America that contribute arthropod occurrence data to a unified database. The SCAN database provides information on taxonomic holdings of each museum, as well as the information associated with each individual specimen that has been databased. This includes the locality where the specimen was collected, collection date, host data, and other valuable information. The amount of information associated with each specimen varies depending on what was included on the specimen labels by the collector.

We are in the process of databasing each specimen housed in the NMSU Arthropod Collection. You can search through over 80,000 records that we have already databased, or search other collections. Close to 10,000 of our records are also available on the web pages of the New Mexico Biodiversity Collections Consortium and at the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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