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The NMSU Arthropod Collection is the largest collection of arthropods in the state, with over half a million specimens used for research, teaching, and outreach. The specimens housed in this collection are the work of over 100 years of collection and identification and represent 1000’s of hours of work by world authorities on many arthropod groups. The collection is an invaluable resource to the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science, NMSU, and the state as a reference for quick identification of arthropods, including those that impact human, animal, or plant health, invasive species, as reference material for identification of various unknown arthropods to constituents within the state and beyond, and as a protected repository for voucher specimens of new species and from scientific studies.

If you are involved in research and would like to inquire about specimen loans or schedule a visit, please contact us.

Every year, the Arthropod Collection reaches thousands of students and interested groups. If you want to schedule a visit to the Arthropod Collection or an outreach event at your school or in your classroom, click the link in the right-hand menu and book a visit!