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A resource page of web sites related to arthropods


Main Links
Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science (EPPWS) Home Page
Spider Links
Spiders of the Arid Southwest
World Spider Catalog
Facts About Arachnids
Scorpion Links
Facts About Scorpions
Scorpion Files
Aquatic Insects
California Dragonflies & Damselflies
The Mayflies of North America
Water Beetle World


Insect Links
El Paso Bugs
Texas Insects
North American Moth I.D.
Planthoppers of North America
Key to the Bee Families of the World
The Diptera (Flies) Site
Southeast Arizona Beetle Survey
Guide to the New World Scarab Beetles
The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Guide to Bugs
Learning About Insects on the Playground
Insect Images and Identification
Bugwood Insect Images
What’s That Bug?


What types of jobs do entomologists do?
Careers in Entomology


Integrated Pest Management
IPM resources by taxomic group